Facebook Live 11am 27th March 2021 - NEW Wonderfil colours, NEW Stencils with special Introductory Offer plus Live demos!

"Life's so bright, gotta wear shades"

I was reminded of this expression that I frequently used in the 1990s whilst wearing my RayBans or Killer Loop wraparound sunglasses. These outdated accessories may not be quite so cool now, but wouldn't it be nice to think that a brightness will take over our lives when we emerge from the "hibernation" of the past year.

Life's so bright, gotta wear shades

In order to celebrate that brightness you may like to check out the brightness of your Handi Quilter Avante if that is your longarm of choice. Since it emerged on the longarm market in 2010, the Avante has proved to be a real winner. The favourite of professional and hobby quilters alike. We sold our last new Avante this week. It's the end of an era for the Avante but we know that quilters around the UK and Europe will continue to derive great pleasure from using their Avantes for many years to come.

Lights on the Avante - new LEDs on the outside with the UV (bulb style) lights in the centre

So for those of you who have had your machine for a while or purchased it as "pre-loved" you may have noticed the lights are less bright than they once were. Over time these bulbs fade and don't provide as much light as you may need.

If this is the case, there are replacement LED Lights for the Handi Quilter Avante. We've just sold our last ones in stock to a customer whose bulbs were all faded. We'll be ordering more  so if you would like to pre-order some please let us know. They are £10 for a bulb fitment (3 lights on the disc) as shown on the right in the photo below.

Details of the lights are on our website. Link to LED Lights.

They have a 3-prong fitment that goes into the area under the handlebars. They can be a snug fit but you can prise them out with a small flat screw or fingernail (we cannot be held responsible for broken nails). 

Normally there are 6 sets of "bulbs" (3 on each bulb fitment) on each side. That does leave extra holes but 6 each side should give you enough light. So, if you would like to replace the whole set you will need 12. 

(Note that the UV bulbs which are in the centre section are still a bulb type.)

New Wonderfil Prewound Bobbins

There are new colours in the M size Prewound Bobbins from Wonderfil. The Wonderfil Decobob prewounds are what we use in our machines 90% of the time. We go through lots of bobbins so prewounds are great. We supply a Wonderfil Bobbin with all our new machines for you to try out.

Selection boxes contain 4 different themed colours, 6 bobbins of each.

Our selection of 10 colours, 3 of each. 30 total including the bobbinbox

For popular colours you can buy 24 per box.

The Decobob thread is an 80 weight 2-ply cottonised polyester thread. It's delicate but incredibly strong. It can be teamed up with Glide 40 weight or 60wt on the top of any one of the wide selection of quilting threads that are available. Having a fine thread in the bobbin means you can sew for longer without changing the bobbin and the thread on the back isn't so obvious, making a subtle quilted look without too much thread. On backings like minky or fleece it practically disappears.

The Prewounds are often over-filled. So if you find the plastic bobbin is very full take off about 20 arms lengths of thread from the bobbin. Otherwise you may find the machine sews for a short distance and then you get a thread break. It's normally caused when the excess thread has spilled off into the bobbincase. It can get caught around the backlash spring if this happens prevention is normally better than cure so we recommend doing this every time you put a new bobbin in.

There are sets of mixed colours from Wonderfil as well as our own mixed sets which include a Handi Quilter bobbin box. They make a lovely gift for a longarm quilter and contain 10 different colours.

On our Facebook Live on Saturday 27th March 2021 at 11am we'll be going through these points PLUS we have some lovely new stencils to share with you and a fabulous offer!

Introductory Offer - All Full Line Stencils and Pounce are 10% OFF until Friday 12 Noon 2nd April 2021. NOW EXTENDED TO Friday 12 Noon 9th April 2021




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