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How do I choose which longarm machine is right for me?

How to choose a longarm quilting machine We are frequently asked lots of questions about choosing a longarm machine when potential customers visit our showroom. At the start of 2021, a customer emailed and asked such excellent questions that I immediately started writing this blog post in order to try and answer them so if you have similar questions we hope you find the answers here. Let's assume that you're a quilt maker. You may have been quilting for many years so feel quite experienced. It could be that you've started really recently - many of our longarm customers have.  Whatever your experience level, in reality you might love piecing more than the quilting. That's probably because the free arm space is not big enough for some of the bigger quilts that you're making. After a session quilting you find that your shoulders and neck ache. You may have a machine that is bigger than the traditional machines with a 9" or even an 11" throat space such as the

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