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Felting on your Handi Quilter longarm machine with the Handi Felting Foot

The Handi Felting foot was new in 2020 and can be added to any Handi Quilter machine (except for the Infinity). The felting foot comes with 10 of each of the size 36, 38 and 40 felting needles. The 36 are the largest size. You can use up to 5 needles in the attachment at a time depending on what you're felting and how dense the felting will be. The needles are triangular shape and have barbs which grab the fibres and take them through to the back of the work. When you turn it over you can see this! This is a project used to demonstrate how to use the foot. It uses pre-made hand-dyed wool felts of varying thicknesses. The background is also wool felt. Underneath the wool background is a wadding (like armo fleece or more stable wadding you might use for a wall hanging) plus Sulky Sticky. First I laid out all the pieces. I then temporarily held them in place by felting by hand enough to stop the pieces moving. I used a Clover felting tool to do this. You have other options

Longarm Learning Curve

My First post Why start a blog? I'm a Longarm Quilter. I love drawing and painting too. Photography is a passion and I've been lucky enough to be a professional wedding photographer. I've been a part of the most incredible and beautiful weddings. Wedding photography is a dream job with the most amazing "in the moment" moments!  So, creativity is something that I enjoy being in and surrounded by every day. I absolutely love working with our customers and genuinely get a huge kick out of helping them  achieve their own creative potential.  For my own work, it's not possible or always appropriate for me to post quilting stuff that I'm working on. However, I'd like to share some of my projects, things I'm working through as a quilter, new products that aren't necessarily things we sell but I want to share and personal projects that I'm working on both as a quilter and an artist. So, this blog is about some of the things that are of interest to