Saturday 20th February Facebook Live Feature - Glide Thread Club, Top Questions and More!

Here's the heads up for what we'll be talking about on this week's Facebook Live...11am Saturday 20th February 2021. 

Tune in Live and comment and ask questions or watch on catch up afterwards. Special Offers announced on the show will last for a week. 

Go to Facebook Live 20th February 2021 on Facebook

We do love our Glide Thread Club and Glide Thread. Watch the session on You Tube. Subscribe to our Pinhole Quilting You Tube channel to be the first to see new videos when they are uploaded.

We covered some of the common questions we get from new customers. So to help here are some close-up photos of the items covered on Facebook Live February 20th 2021.

Encoder on machine to carriage (Y Axis) showing rubber wheel

Close up of encoder wheel

Encoder cable for Y axis plugged into rear of Amara

Moxie Encoder on Y axis showing carriage wheel, rubber encoder wheel and cable to Moxie

X Axis encoder on Amara showing rubber encoder wheel

X Axis Encoder box showing flat grey cable on Simply Sixteen/ Avante

Grey flat X Axis Encoder cable can get pulled out if you are moving around at the rear of the machine

X Axis encoder cable on Moxie with retaining clip (so it doesn't get pulled out of machine)

X Axis Encoder Cable on Moxie going into X Axis encoder showing rubber wheel

Know your switches on the Avante!

Switch on Avante underneath the handlebars - this can be a white rocker like the one shown or a red push button switch


Getting needles in the right way round is really important. But there's no flat to the butt!

Glide Thread

5000m Cones of Glide Thread

Our Glide Thread Packs are available in sets of 9 threads on 1000m cones. We called them Glide Thread Club - you can acquire almost the entire range of 1000m Glide cones without repeating a single one through the sets. We've split them into different combinations and you can find them all on our website.

Quilters eye candy!

Build up your knowledge of threads, needles and settings

Create your own thread chart based on your favourite threads. If you have a tension readout on your machine make a note of the number on the screen to help you next time.

Always match your thread to your needle using this chart as a guide


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