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From time to time we find those inspirational people who allow us to change direction. A room mate drove a motorbike through Africa from London to Cape Town. Inspired by the prospect of exploring the world, before I knew it I was planning my own back-packing world trip!  

Closer to home and exploring less dangerous pursuits, not everyone wants to do lots of piecing - Modern Quilting might be your bag with lots of large empty areas that can be quilted. Suddenly you fall in love with quilting thread. Who knows where this longarm quilting journey might take you? 

Finding the people who inspire you creatively is all about looking at styles on websites checking out instagram, pinterest, etc., following those "Down the Rabbithole" adventures that you can have by following others who are active on social media. 

There are Handi Quilter Ambassadors and Educators - it's a great starting point for different styles of quilting, machine embroidery and surface design in a myriad of ways. 

Here are some of our favourites for you to check out - some of them are quilters who have come over to the UK and taught at classes for our Handi Quilter owners.

Angela Walters

Quilting is my Therapy

Handi Quilter Ambassador

Telene Jeffrey

Lady Jane Quilting

Handi Quilter Ambassador

Laurie Tigner

Laurie Tigner - Facebook

Handi Quilter Ambassador

Kimmy Brunner

Handi Quilter Ambassador

Lisa Calle

Wholecloth Quilt Design

Bethanne Nemesh

Free motion quilting designs

Jamie Wallen

HQ Retailer / YouTube videos

Jenny Haynes

Modern Quilting

Cindy Needham

Stencils and Wholecloth

Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr

Modern Quilt Studio

Modern Quilting designs and quiltmakers

Hilde van Schaardenburg

Hilde van Schaardenburg Quilts

Handi Quilter Ambassador

Pauline Burbidge

Handi Quilter Ambassador

Orchid Owl Quilt Designs

Modern Quilt

Carolyn - Free Bird Quilting Designs

Modern Quilt

Some others that were mentioned on our Facebook Live were Natalia Bonner -

For other ideas, You Tube videos, etc. we have a You Tube Professional Longarm Quilters Playlist that we'll add to. You can find it on this link. 

Hilde van Schaardenburg - Handi Quilter Ambassador

You can find out more on Hilde's website and on our page here.

The Human Seasons won the Handi Quilter Art Quilt Prize at Sainte Marie Aux Mines in 2018. 

Previously Hilde won at the Open European Quilt Championships for another art quilt - the Threatened Swan which I wrote about on this blog post at the time for The Cotton Patch -

Modern Quilt Studio

Modern Quilt Studio

Cindy Needham

Cindy provides a huge amount of information with her products either through PDFs that you get when you buy them or through her You Tube Channel videos.

For example - how do you block a wholecloth quilt? Cindy tells you how.

We stock some of Cindy's products on our Handi Quilter Website.

So many of these quilters have had their lives radically changed by this pandemic in ways that it would have been hard to predict in 2019. Their income from exhibiting or teaching at shops, shows or for Handi Quilter internationally has changed radically. 

We would love it if you visited their websites, explored their You Tube Channels, took some virtual classes or checked out their products because our quilting industry wouldn't be the same without these bundles of inspiration.

Thank you!


  1. Great summary and list! I have also found Julia Quiltoff to be a wonderful teacher as well as. It is so nice to see young quilters with lots of new ideas!

  2. Hi Patricia - thank you! Lovely to get input from others. There's a real web of inspiration out there. Best wishes Liz


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